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Multi-Family Acquisition Group is a privately held company focused on stable, income producing multi-family opportunities in emerging U.S. markets. We target high yield passive cash flow and long term capital appreciation through strategic acquisition and superior asset management.

With over 30 years of real estate experience of the principals, Multi-Family Acquisition Group and its partners are capitalizing on opportunities created by the current economy to own stabilized multi-family properties in premier locations. These properties generate strong short term income cash flow as well as long term wealth potential. Our success and reputation has been built on conservatism, ethics, passion, attention to detail, responsibility and our belief that trust starts and ends with honesty and integrity.

Our Mission

To bring small and large investors together so that they can achieve the same buying power and benefits enjoyed by large institutional investors in the purchase of commercial real estate.

Why Multi-Family Acquisition Group?

High Rate of Return* Income Stream if Desired
Diversity from stocks – protect from losses IRA and 401k (Self-Directed)
Hands off Management Communication

*Note: There is no guarantee of any kind. You can lose your entire investment.

Our Criteria for Class A Properties

  • A or A+ class multifamily properties in A or A+ markets
  • $15-$50 million

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Our Buying Criteria for Class B & Class C Properties

  • B to C class multifamily properties; preferably B in A market and C+ in B markets
  • Up to $50 million

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Multi-family Real Estate:

Facts support our belief that the United States is expected to experience a significant demand for rental units as the economy recovers. The recession resulted in an unparalleled shift away from home ownership and toward a strong demand for rentals. Stagnant job growth and stringent lending guidelines continue to make any decision other than renting difficult for most Americans. Additionally, the prior recession significantly hindered and reduced the supply of new housing. While construction financing has become easier and new supply is on the rise, the pipeline for new construction is expected to lag U.S. population growth over the long term.

All of these factors contribute to continued demand for apartments, but none as important as the arrival of the Echo-Boomers to the market. The Echo-Boomers are the children of the Baby Boomers and are the largest generation of young people since the 1960’s to come of age. This next dominant generation of over 80 million Americans (almost 30% of the U .S. population) will affect our society like never before. The Echo-Boomers have begun to graduate from college and are about to enter their prime rental years. Multi-Family Acquisition Group and its partners are poised to take advantage of these economic and demographic factors by acquiring premier multi-family properties with stable cash flow and long term appreciation.

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